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Carla Forsyth


Akashic Record Reading

Energy Healing

Align, Connect, Transform!

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On any given day, you will find that most people put others first. But what about you? Through Transference Healing® and Soul Realignment® Akashic Record Readings I will assist you with reconnecting to your Higher Self. My purpose is to aid you in remembering how to connect with your Source, encourage healing to occur and to guide you through your ascension process. How do I do this you ask? Well as a practitioner I will share loving, energetic healing techniques with  transformative results.


Meet Carla

Dedicated to spiritual, esoteric, and mystical studies Carla Forsyth possesses mastery in many healing modalities, including Reiki, Pranic Healing, Soul Realignment® Akashic Record Readings and the energy/frequency healing of Transference Healing®. Carla assists people in remembering what their souls purpose is and how to live that purpose, how to be a self-healer as well as how to achieve self-mastery. Carla guides people with ease and grace through the ascension process, which the earth and all of humanity are in the midst of now.  Carla shares the blessing of Soul Realignment® Akashic Record Reading and Transference Healing® with all those that resonate with this profound, loving energy as a practitioner, teacher, and 7th Golden Age Mystery School initiate.

My Specializations

It is my honor to work with you in the capacity which best serves your needs, as a Transference Healing® or Soul Realignment® Akashic Record Reading practitioner, for distance healing and readings.

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Beyond Doorways Healing

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What Clients Say...


"I just wanted to thank you for the Akashic Record Property Clearing and Transference Healing session. It's been three days and my house feels lighter and my body calm! It was a great experience and I look forward to working with you again in the future. Many blessings, Kimberley K."


"Transform your experience of life by discovering how it feels to stand in the power of your higher self, aligned with the will of your soul purpose, working towards unity consciousness and service for the highest good of all."

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