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About Carla

My journey started years ago after realizing the corporate world was not for me. I had a reasonably successful career working in NYC but a job lay off occurred and rocked the foundation of my world. I simultaneously began to face my relationship fears, feelings of abandonment, physical shortcomings and doubting my self-worth.

It was at this time that I realized that a spiritual awakening had begun and I felt compelled to know myself on a deeper level. This process of discovery took time, dedication and courage.  I began clearing away the obstacles in my way by receiving and learning how to energetically clear and heal myself and my family.


After years of metaphysical study and working with human and planetary energies, I had a major break through. While in a Mystery School initiation, I experienced something similar to what some people who have near death experiences describe. I traveled outside my body and knew myself to be unconditional love and one with what I know to be God/Goddess/Source energy and all life, everywhere. Then again during another level of Mystery School initiation, I found my spirit self in the presence of Mother Mary, who represents the feminine aspect of the God/Goddess, to me. I was so humbled and overwhelmed by the unconditional love she filled me with that I asked how I could be of service to her. She said “you can repay me by sharing the power of unconditional love with others.” She encouraged me to help others to know that they too are connected to the feminine energy and that the only way to release the relationship, health, financial, grief related and fear based struggles they experience now, is to consciously live from a place of unconditional love. I asked how to connect with this state and she taught me to go into my heart and ask my higher self to take me to the place where I can embody unconditional love. Now I just have to remember the feeling or sensation of being unconditional love, to reinforce that connection.


This journey has shown me that my soul purpose is to guide others through their own reconnection journey, during which they will heal and transform themselves and their loved ones, in order to create the reality that they wish to live in.


Every reading and healing that I offer, contributes to the goal of helping others connect with unconditional love, heal and transform themselves and create the world around them, that they have always dreamed of living. It is my honor to assist you in any way that I can be of service, as an energy healing practitioner.

Education and Certifications

Long Island University, Bachelor of Fine Art

Major in Graphic Design

Minor in Theater Design

Transference Healing® Mystery School, Level 1

This profound Mystery School enhanced my own healing and ascension abilities. It was a sacred opportunity to become more empowered while understanding the nature and responsibility of power. I learned to master the healing powers of alchemy while performing meditations, practices and procedures that helped me to understand the energetic make-up and spiritual technology of the body.

Transference Healing® Mystery School, Level 2

This level of the Transference Healing Mystery School is centred on heart-mastery. Through the mysteries of the Goddess I developed the aspects of my psyche to truly understand the nature of my inner self. This Mystery School was truly transformative, breaking down the restrictions and perceptions of the ego, allowing me to be reborn with an open heart and psyche.

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My Philosophy

I am dedicated to spiritual, esoteric and mystical studies and have been for the past fifteen years. I possesses mastery and certification in many healing modalities, including Shamballa Reiki, Pranic Healing, Healing Touch, Transference Healing® as well as Soul Realignment® Akashic Record Reading. I guide people to powerfully remember that they are self-healers and that they are masters here on earth. I guide people so they will move through the ascension process, which the earth and all of humanity are in the midst of now, with ease and grace. I am a 7th Golden Age Mystery School initiate. I participated in the second level of this Mystery School in April of 2013. I have a strong connection to spirit through Mother Mary and the Goddess energy. I am devoted to living from the sacred space in my heart, for my highest and greatest good and the highest and greatest good of all. Living in integrity and using discernment is a priority for me. I diligently follow the guidance I receive from The Creator of All that Is via my Higher Self, always checking to be sure it is divine guidance and not my ego or an external entity communicating with me.

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