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Soul Realignment® Akashic Record Reading

Create a life of abundance, connection & fulfillment, that you desire!

  • 1 hour
  • 150 US dollars
  • Telephone call or online meeting

Service Description

A Soul Realignment® Akashic Record Reading reveals the nature of your soul, at its inception and what choices/actions have affected your soul’s ability to receive the optimal amount of life force energy, up until now. This is significant because living in alignment with who your soul is and utilizing the divine gifts that are associated with your soul essence, affords you the opportunity to fulfill your deepest desires, live in abundance, in every aspect of your life and achieve your greatest success! Most of us have veered away from our soul’s natural way of being and therefore benefit greatly from re-aligning with it through a Soul Realignment® Akashic record reading. How the process of the reading works In order to initiate a reading within your Akashic record, I will need you to provide me with the following information. Giving me these details signals your permission for me to enter your record, on your behalf. • Full currant name • Full name at birth • Full date of birth including the month, day and year • Place of birth: City, State, Country • Your intention for this reading. What results would you like to achieve in your life within the next 6 months? I then access your Akashic record and gather the necessary information and establish the clearing protocol to clear all blocks and restrictions that I find. Once this is complete, I will contact you to set up a date and time when we can communicate on a recorded conference call. We will spend between 60 and 90 minutes talking, depending on the number of questions that you have. This session will be record so that I can email you a digital record along, with your homework that you can re-listen to any time. Having a recording is beneficial so that you can listen and absorb the energy of what is being discussed during the session, rather than being distracted Completing the homework that I send to you will signal your soul that you are ready to make the necessary changes and start fresh. Do the homework is the process that clears all of the blocks and restrictions that you are ready to clear, at this time. After that you are poised to make new choices and take actions that are in alignment with your soul’s purpose and being transforming your life. As you integrate the knowledge of who you are at soul level, your soul origin, your primary energies, divine gifts, you will notice energetic changes which might be subtle or profound. Changes can appear in your physical, mental, emotional, etheric bodies.

Cancellation Policy

Thank you for understanding that if you need to cancel after you have shared your personal details with me, then you will be charged for the entire session. Half of time for the reading/healing, is spent performing the reading and establishing the clearing of blocks and restriction, before we speak on the telephone or computer about the results. The only exception to this cancellation policy is if I find that your soul does not wish to give me access to your Akashic record, for any reason. In this case, you will receive a full refund. Alternately you can set up a consultation to determine if your soul will benefit from a reading before payment is made. Rescheduled telephone session appointments require 24 hour notice. If a telephone appointment is rescheduled more than one time, you will be charged the full amount for your session.

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