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Beyond Doorways Healing


45 minutes

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The purpose of a Beyond Doorways healing is to align and balance.During the Beyond Doorways session you receive energetic procedures that achieve the following:

• Align and balance your physical structure

• Heal your core wounding and traumas

• Allow more light into your brain and central nervous system to clear feelings of heaviness, disorientation, restores clear thinking, improve memory, reduce feelings of overwhelm and tiredness

• Helps you heal all aspects of yourself and initiates your service to others; helps you to hear your inner voice and stand in your own power

• Heals the glands and works with hormonal imbalances, suppressed emotions, fear and energetic depletion. Very helpful for anyone going through a pinnacle life moment or transition

• Enhances well-being and spiritual enlightenment

• Balances chakra system and allows you to resonate more of your inner light

• Uses colored light to help you balance and maintain your energetic levels and emotional state of being

• Severe karmic emotions, patterns and wounding. This does not sever relationships, rather the unhealthy energetic cording that may be created within the relationship. This give offers a clean slate for you to build a healthy, positive relationship

• Shuts down hypersensitivity and energetic depletion.

• Takes you out of ego/power struggles and connects you to the divine in your heart where you connect with spirit through your higher self and revitalize your system

• Clears scattered energies and balances your energy field to detoxify and protect the body from negative ultra violet rays that create distortion in the electromagnetic field of your body. This also protects you from negative energies, emotions, phobias and fears in the sub-conscious mind

• Integrates the elemental frequencies from the earth itself into your etheric body (aura) to promote the ability to self heal, raise your consciousness and connect to your higher self all of which helps to ground you into the 5th dimensional world in which we have recently entered into.

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