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Full Advanced Transference Healing®


90 minutes

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A seventh dimensional frequency healing and ascension process. Transference Healing® is a healing treatment, combining all new energy healing modalities to create a life-changing transformation, healing, empowerment and ascension experience. Over 37 different energetic procedures are performed for you, some of which are specific to you, and what you are dealing with, at this time. You will receive a reading after the healing which will tell you came up for you to be healed, at the time of the session, on the physical, mental, emotional and etheric bodies.

You will find a Transference session to be an extremely relaxing, heartfelt and genuine healing experience. During the session, Carla will channel the naturally healing Transference energy and frequencies into your body, intuitively identifying the underlying cause/s of any illness or imbalance and imparting the procedures relevant to your needs.

Some of the healing tools used within a Transference Healing® session are:

• Color and sound waves

• The elements (ether, earth, water, air, fire)

• Alchemy symbols and planetary energies

• Crystal energies

• Templates

• Masters and Rays

• Shamanic healing

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