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Property Clearing


60 minutes

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Clear a property the you own or rent if it feels out of alignment.When we buy or rent a space, we usually feel an attraction to it because it is a vibrational match to us. Over time, additional energy can accumulate in your home or your business which makes you feel uncomfortable there. It is also possible that after you make adjustments from having a Soul Realignment® Akashic Record reading, your vibrational state changes, whereas the vibrational rate of your home stays the same. This is a situation in which a property clearing can definitely help you to feel at peace in your home or business, again. Another occasion when a property clearing is called for is when you move into a new space and you want a fresh start there, energetically speaking. Additionally, you will want a property clearing if you are having trouble selling or renting out your home or business. This clearing will release any discordant energy and allow a vibrational matching person to feel welcome there. All results from the property clearing are covered in a 20 minute recorded conference call conversation so that you can re-listen to the results and share the recording with other people who live in the home.

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